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Authentic Somontano wines

Have you ever considered trying different wines than the usual ones but you are afraid of making a mistake in the choice? Would you like to find good quality wines but do not know how to differentiate between them?

We have all had a moment of enjoyment spoiled on occasion by opening a bottle of wine that was not of the expected quality.

For this reason, it is logical that many times we shy away from trying new brands due to the fear that it will happen to us again.

However, it is a pity that you miss the opportunity to try really interesting wines with which to surprise in meetings with your loved ones or simply accompany your most special moments.

I am Lorenzo Ballarín, producer of Conzieto D.O. Somontano and I want to tell you about the characteristics that make them truly unique so that you learn to differentiate between good quality wines.

Characteristics of the most authentic Somontano Wines

Singular soil and vineyard to obtain quality wines

At Conzieto I am clear that to produce a unique wine there must be a soil, a terroir and a unique vineyard worked with the greatest possible dedication.

In this way I get unique wines with their own personality that I seek so much so that the meetings with your family are worth remembering.

Grape varieties and Coupage

I work with 8 grape varieties: Cabernet-Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc, Garnacha Blanca, Viañés (Chardonnay), Tempranillo and Moristel.

Each of these varieties offers different characteristics and this allows me to work with blends or blends of grapes to create balanced wines taking advantage of the best of each one.

In fact, every year, when I start making wines in the cellar, I always think that the grapes are like musical notes. If I know how to combine them well, I can create wines that are true works of art for the senses.

Grapes selected and collected manually

In order to obtain quality wines, it is necessary to limit the production of grapes per plant and hectare, since the more overloaded the vine is, the worse the fruit will be.

In turn, our wines are made with selected grapes and collected by manual harvest in boxes. This process is carried out very carefully to prevent the grapes from being crushed before taking them to the winery.

Little use of chemical phytosanitary products

For approximately 15 years I have rejected the use of chemical fertilizers and reduced the use of chemical products for treatments.

Only once a year do I resort to fungicides with a low environmental impact and then I only use powdered sulfur.

As for the soil, I let it develop by itself so that it achieves balance naturally.

Thus, I avoid touching the ground except on two or three occasions throughout the winter when we bring a flock of sheep to aerate it.

It is important to have control of the vineyard

It is easy to understand that if you cultivate the vineyard yourself you can control the entire wine production process from the beginning.

This is how I achieve the expected quality of grapes and make wines the way I like to do it the most, with all dedication and passion.

Ready to taste good quality wines?

I hope I have helped you so that from now on you know how to differentiate and appreciate what lies behind good quality wines.

At Conzieto I know that the most important thing to achieve this is the meticulous work that is hidden in the entire process, from cultivation in the vineyard to subsequent winemaking in the cellar.

And for me, despite the laborious work that it requires, all of this is fully satisfying to carry out because my greatest motivation is that in the end you have a big smile when you taste my wines and you can continue to fully enjoy the moment.

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