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Authentic Somontano wines

Vinos de buena calidad

Have you ever considered trying different wines than the usual ones but you are afraid of making a mistake in the choice? Would you like to find good quality wines but do not know how to differentiate between them? We have all had a moment of enjoyment spoiled on occasion by opening a bottle of […]

Grape Varieties

Variedades de Uva en Somontano

Are you curious to know more about the grape varieties that we work with here in Somontano and the characteristics that make each of them so peculiar? Somontano means at the foot of the mountain, a name that perfectly defines the geographical area to which it refers, located in a transition zone between the Ebro […]

This is how we live the vintage

Today I want to discover to you how we live the harvest in Conzieto, this wonderful time of intense sensations and how my dream as a viticulturist and winemaker gradually comes true with each harvest. Did you know that the word Harvest is derived from the Latin Vindemia and is made up of Vinum (wine) […]

Coupages and Assemblies

Coupages y Ensamblajes

Have you ever heard of Coupages or Assemblies in the world of wine? In case you did not know, both Coupage and Assembly are words of French origin that are the opposite of monovarietal wines in which only one variety is used, which is 100% reflected on the label. Thus, Coupage is used to designate […]

The art of pairing

Maridaje de vino con los distintos tipos de comida

Today I am going to deal with an exciting and controversial topic, the pairing of wine with different types of food. Talking about pairing is a somewhat delicate topic because we are talking about personal tastes and it is well known that we are all sovereign of our own. That always involves some controversy. But […]

Where to find Conzieto wines

Throughout these months some of our subscribers have been asking me in a particular way where they could find Conzieto wines, in addition to our online store. So I have considered it interesting to write this article to tell you where you can find them, in case at some point you had also considered it. […]