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Our History

I´m Lorenzo Ballarín

And years ago I worked as a clerk at a telephone company...

Every day I thought that I would like to dedicate myself to something more creative, I dreamed of doing an activity that I was passionate about and that would generate feelings of fulfillment.

And searching and searching I realized that I had him very close. Taking advantage of the opportunities that the fact of the birth of the D.O. SOMONTANO, we just had to connect the dots. My father owned some land within the denomination of origin and my family was always, in some way, related to the world of wine.

That was how, in 1997, I decided to rescue the family heritage dedicated to cereals and began to recover the land that my father owned and that had once been vineyards, with the intention of producing, CREATE, quality wines in Somontano.

I quickly began to blend in with the environment. I felt the connection with the land, with nature, with the calm and rhythm of the vineyards…, I felt the need to create beauty, to turn grapes into musical notes and compose works of art with them. And that’s where I started to make my dream come true.

Now I know that illusion and effort can lead you to build beautiful things

This catches a lot, without having a notion of it you realize that you are also rooting yourself as time goes by.

With the support of my father and brothers, we work hard replanting vineyards, cultivating the land and starting a project focusing on the production of limited production wines, to create exclusive and quality wines in Somontano.

Always with the illusion that the effort can lead you to build beautiful things.

We knew from the local fame of these lands and their vineyards that, although not without effort, we would be able to get the full potential of their grapes

Being able to create everything anew, valuing our land and recovering the family’s wine tradition to make quality wines, is the dream I’ve always had.

Recovering a legacy of more than 200 years

The first records of wine activity in my family date back to 1771, in an engraving made in a rock-cut cellar owned by my family.

They were years of great prosperity with wine as the main economic engine in the Somontano area, and it was so until well into the 20th century.

The times of phylloxera were the most vigorous because a lot of wine was exported to France, they paid in gold when here in Spain the collection was not very reliable.

Then phylloxera arrived in Spain, and for reasons due to the poor technical preparation of the producers, together with the lack of a strong social structure and adequate communications, came the decline in the production and elaboration of wine.

We failed to believe in ourselves fundamentally.

Time passed and sheltered by the new D.O. SOMONTANO, the cultivation of vineyards and the production of wine was relaunched.

Conzieto now

Proud to be part of the resurgence
of the Somontano wine region

We seek to create unique wines that serve as a link with culture, music, literature, beauty and art and contribute to creating unforgettable moments.

And as we believe that the greatest beauty is in nature, we take care of the vineyards and produce our wines with minimal intervention, without using chemical fertilizers and reducing phytosanitary treatments to what is essential, applying preventive treatments that help keep the plants healthy, avoiding diseases.

Thus we can enjoy some very beautiful places where the beauty created by nature and that created by human beings are mixed.

And we can also enjoy authentic and natural wines, wines that surprise and invite us to live moments full of beauty because, for me, grapes are like musical notes.

If you know how to combine them well, you can make beautiful works of art.

Do you want to distribute Conzieto?

If you are a distributor, have a restaurant or an online store, contact us to have our wines.