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Our history

We craft unique wines that serve as a nexus connecting with culture, music, literature, beauty, and art, thus creating unforgettable moments.

Recovering a legacy of over 200 years in Somontano

The first records of winemaking activity in our family date back to 1771, depicted in an engraving found in a rock-hewn cellar owned by the family.

These were years of great prosperity, with wine as the main economic driver in the Somontano area.

However, then phylloxera arrived in Spain, beginning the decline in production and winemaking in the region, compounded by the limited technical expertise of the producers, the lack of a strong social structure, and inadequate communications of the time.

Time passed, and under the auspices of the new D.O. SOMONTANO, vine cultivation and winemaking were revitalized.

Proud to rescue the winemaking tradition in the region

In 1997, Lorenzo Ballarín decided to reclaim the family heritage by recovering the lands that had once been vineyards owned by the family.

We knew from the local reputation of those lands and vineyards that, although it wouldn’t be without effort, we would be able to unlock the full potential of their grapes.

We worked hard, replanting vineyards, tending the land, and launching a project focused on producing limited-edition wines, aiming to create exclusive and high-quality wines in Somontano.

Being able to start anew, valuing our land, and reviving the family’s winemaking tradition to produce quality wines was the dream Lorenzo had always cherished.

The essence of a whim

In this revival of the family winemaking tradition, Conzieto was born. More than just a wine, it’s a wish fulfilled.

Inspired by the very essence of the Aragonese word that names it, Conzieto is the embodiment of a whim come true.

Conzieto invites you to surrender to sensory pleasure, to enjoy each sip as if it were a fulfilled craving that transports you to a world of unique emotions and sensations.

Conzieto today

Our wines pay tribute to literature, cinema, and theater, to painting and music.

Conzieto is the perfect fusion between the art of winemaking and the desire to create memorable moments enjoying art.

We take care of the vineyards and craft our wines with minimal intervention, without using chemical fertilizers, and reducing phytosanitary treatments to the essential.

This way, we can enjoy beautiful landscapes where nature and human creativity intertwine. And we can also savor authentic and natural wines that invite us to live moments full of beauty.

Because for Conzieto, grapes are like musical notes. If you know how to combine them well, you can create beautiful works of art.

Would you like Conzieto on your table?

Wines for individuals with refined tastes and aesthetes seeking a unique wine to enjoy moments wrapped in harmony and beauty.

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