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Talking about Ballaro is easy and fascinating, it is the attempt and subsequent achievement of dignifying and giving an entity to the Moristel grape variety, a grape that is somewhat underestimated because what belongs to others is more important than what is ours.

It is a grape that you have to know to know what its place is in a coupage, it is simply a grape that requires the treatment and care it deserves and what, if you do it, it responds by giving you the best of itself. If you accompany it with some grapes with which it gets along well, you can enhance all its aromas and its fantastic acidity.

The Tempranillo grape and the Syrah grape perfectly fulfill that role of squires.

I am one of those who think that giving wine tasting sheets is like telling a movie to someone who is going to see it, it is unnecessarily conditioning, the only thing that in my opinion can be told is how good I think you are going to feel when whether you are drinking it with or without company, the rest I think is a game that must be left to everyone.

Ballaro is a wine for people who value harmony, balance and the beauty that comes from maturity and experience.


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More about this wine...

“Ballaro is my most personal wine, that’s why it’s called what my friends call me.

My friends call me that because they thought that when I came of age I had to adopt an adult role, since it was good to call me Ballarín, they came up with the idea, which by the way I didn’t like at first, to take off my diminutive in and apply the ceremonious o, and in this way the name of this fantastic and wonderful wine was born.”

- Lorenzo Ballarín-

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