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Our Wines

Singular wines made
naturally in Somontano

Following the wine tradition and recovering old vineyards so that you can enjoy authentic wines, wines that taste like wine.

With a very characteristic acidity and a delicate and balanced body and structure, Conzieto wines open up new panoramas of Somontano wines.

We want to take Somontano to the top, go one step further and create more natural Somontano wines, respecting what the land and the fruit of our vineyards give us, in search of finer and more balanced wines, quality Somontano wines and limited productions. .

I am convinced that the management of a vineyard must always be understood with respect, as in any other aspect of life.

That is why I believe that the cultivation of the vine must be understood in this way, disturbing the vines as little as possible, so that now that they are adults they can live based on what the land gives them, not on the interference that we can do in his life, in the end, the more intervention, the more we move away from the essence of those grapes.

In our vineyards we grow different varieties of indigenous or representative Somontano grapes, grapes with which we make different coupages as if they were musical notes, to create balanced wines for lovers of art, beauty, harmony and good taste.


Ballaro is my most personal wine, that’s why it’s called what my friends call me.

My friends call me that because they thought that when I came of age I had to adopt an adult role, since it was good to call me Ballarín, they came up with the idea, which by the way I didn’t like at first, of taking off my diminutive in and apply the ceremonious o, and in this way the name of this fantastic and wonderful wine was born.

Talking about it is easy and fascinating, it is the attempt and subsequent achievement of dignifying and giving an entity to the Moristel grape variety, a grape that is somewhat underestimated because what belongs to others is more important than what is ours.

It is a grape that you have to know to know what its place is in a coupage, it is simply a grape that requires the treatment and care it deserves and what, if you do it, it responds by giving you the best of itself. If you accompany it with some grapes with which it gets along well, you can enhance all its aromas and its fantastic acidity.

The Tempranillo grape and the Syrah grape fulfill that role of squires perfectly.

I am one of those who think that giving wine tasting sheets is like telling a movie to someone who is going to see it, it is unnecessarily conditioning, the only thing that in my opinion can be told is how good I think you are going to feel when whether you are drinking it with or without company, the rest I think is a game that must be left to everyone.

Ballaro is a wine for people who value harmony, balance and the beauty that comes from maturity and experience.


The reason for the name that I have given to this wine originated in an informal meeting with my people, in this meeting the general perception was that it had something that made those who tasted it feel tempted to continue tasting, always in moderation of course. , which then you neither feel nor suffer.

And why did we like that concept so much? Well, because it perfectly sums up everything I seek when it comes to making a wine, one that has the ability to communicate with one.

In the coupage I wanted to make a wine that praised the Tempranillo variety, combined with Syrah and Merlot, because I wanted to show that in the D.O. SOMONTANO can also produce great wines that can compete with the great wines of other appellations.


The white wine Esenzia is a wine that has me in love, the coupage consists of two foreign varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay, together with the native variety Garnacha Blanca, a variety from Somontano since ancient times.

Esenzia is a unique and exclusive white wine, an elixir that is not released on the market every year, only those years in which we obtain the high-quality grapes that are necessary to make this exquisite white.

Its name tries to synthesize everything that you can find when you taste it, it is like concentrating the Caribbean and the Mediterranean in a sip of wine.


This rosé wine that I have produced aims to give rosé wine the point of differentiation that this type of wine lacks so much. And I say this because you never know if rosé is a faded red or a brightly colored white, it’s in no man’s land, I hope that this wine corroborates my intention both on an aromatic and tasting level.

With the coupage I wanted to do the triple somersault by combining a recognized and contrasted variety with the unknown Moristel, a coupage with which I intend to give it volume and silkiness along with balanced acidity.

As it is deducible, this name tries to define the sensation that a sip of this wine produces in you.

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