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Our wines

Conzieto is the perfect fusion
between wine and art

Our wines pay homage to literature, cinema and theater, to painting and music.

We create unique wines that are crafted naturally in Somontano. These are the result of meticulously cultivating ancient vineyards and working with native or representative grape varieties of our region.

But we don’t just make wines; we create unique sensory moments. Each bottle is a gateway to a world of emotions and experiences, merging a realm of flavors with various forms of artistic expression.

Conzieto Ballaro

A wine that pays homage to LITERATURE

The day unfolds calmly, and you decide to enjoy the serenity of your home. You settle into the armchair, letting the soft sound of music fill the room, and open that book that transports you to other worlds. To accompany this moment of tranquility, you choose Conzieto Ballaro.

This red wine, made from native Moristel grapes blended with Tempranillo and Syrah, comes to life in your glass. Its aroma merges with the ambiance, while soft lights highlight the deep red hue of the wine. Thus, in the warmth of your home, your reading becomes a unique sensory experience, elevated by the company of a good wine.

Ballaro is a wine for literature lovers who appreciate the balance that maturity and life experience (and wine) bring.

Conzieto Tentazión

A wine that pays homage to CINEMA and THEATER

The time has come to gather with special people for that movie you’ve been talking about for a while. The food is planned, and so is the wine: Conzieto Tentazión, a perfect companion for gatherings with friends or for creating intimate moments enjoying a movie and a good wine together.

Tentazión exalts the Tempranillo grape variety and combines it with Syrah and Merlot, showing that in the D.O. SOMONTANO, great wines can also be crafted. This wine is for those who find fascination in theater and cinema, appreciating the duality between intensity and smoothness, much like life itself.

Conzieto Tentazión is the ideal choice for those seeking experiences, surrendering to the play of emotions that theater and cinema can provide.

Conzieto Esenzia

A wine that pays homage to MUSIC

It’s a radiant day, full of vibrant light. The sun shines intensely, inviting you to venture outside. You think of a lively gathering with friends, music, and good food, accompanied by a Conzieto Esenzia that enhances every moment.

This white wine is a blend of Garnacha Blanca grape, native to Somontano, with Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Each sip is an explosion of freshness, like a breeze caressing your palate. Thus, in the company of friends and the vibrant atmosphere, your experience becomes a symphony of good times.

Conzieto Esenzia is a unique and exquisite white wine for people who enjoy the union of wine, music, and the pleasures of life.

Conzieto Delizia

A wine that pays homage to PAINTING

Imagine a warm sunset and the sunlight illuminating your creative space. When uncorking a bottle of Conzieto Delizia, the pink hue unfolds like the first brushstroke on a blank canvas. This wine invites you to be the artist of your moment, to explore the nuances and textures of life with every sip.

This rosé wine, blending the lesser-known Moristel and the well-known Syrah, has the color and flavor that complement a unique moment. Its pink tone reflects the freshness of the air, while the fruity notes stimulate your creativity.

Conzieto Delizia is a wine for people with good taste who appreciate the delicacy of painting to transform each occasion into a unique sensory experience.

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