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Grape Varieties

Are you curious to know more about the grape varieties that we work with here in Somontano and the characteristics that make each of them so peculiar?

Somontano means at the foot of the mountain, a name that perfectly defines the geographical area to which it refers, located in a transition zone between the Ebro river valley and the pre-Pyrenees of Huesca. It is a green and steep area that generates the ideal conditions for a series of grape varieties of which I would like to tell you some interesting things.

I am Lorenzo Ballarín, producer of Conzieto D.O. Somontano and I would like to show you a little more about the product I work with and of which I am so proud. Thus, when you have the pleasure of tasting one of my wines, you will be able to appreciate and get to know a little more closely what makes each one so special.

Varieties of grapes in Somontano

There are fifteen varieties of grapes in Somontano, eight are red and seven are white. These varieties develop perfectly in the soils that we have around here, typically clayey with sandstone and limestone, which gives them good drainage.

The height of the vines, meanwhile, usually ranges between 350 and 650 meters. And all this, together with the marked temperature contrasts that we have between day and night, generate excellent characteristics to achieve a very good maturation of the grape and therefore wines of authentic quality that are worth trying.

I am going to tell you a little more about some of the varieties that I like to work with the most.

National varieties

Moristel, little-known autochthonous variety

Little-known autochthonous variety that knowing how to accompany it with other varieties with which it gets along well, you manage to enhance all its aromas, its fantastic acidity and give the wines a greater corpulence and color.

In Conzieto you can find it in our Ballaro wine, in which it is found together with the Tempranillo and Syrah varieties, endowing the three with some fantastic characteristics to this wine created for people who value the harmony, balance and beauty that maturity gives. and the experience.

Tempranillo, the most cultivated in our country

Did you know that the Tempranillo grape owes its name to its early maturation compared to the rest of the varieties? It is the most cultivated in Spain and adapts phenomenally to different types of climates and soils.

It is highly valued because it is a very versatile variety that allows the production of excellent quality wines, both young and Crianza or Reserva, providing good body, finesse, intensity and aromatic complexity.

In Conzieto it is present in the Tentazión wine, where I wanted to extol the Tempranillo variety to demonstrate that great wines can also be produced in Somontano that have nothing to envy to those of other appellations.

Varieties imported from France

Syrah, grown in almost every country in the world

It is an easy grape to grow that generally requires a lot of sun. Thus, depending on the climate of the region, it gives the wines different aromas, although in general they are usually fruity nuances of currant, blackberry or raspberry with a bright red color.

For this reason, and although there are wines that use it in a monovarietal way, it is usually a blend grape due to its fruity nuances, which balances the weaknesses of other varieties and gives rise to more complete wines.

Cabernet Sauvignon, one of the best known in the world

The key to its success is due to its easy cultivation and its great adaptability to all types of climate. It allows the production of very intensely colored wines, very rich in tannins and full-bodied. On the other hand, it presents fruity, floral and herbal aromas that become more complex with aging.

Its style is strongly marked by the point of maturation that it presents at the time of its collection. Thus, if it is slightly ripe, more vegetal nuances will be generated. However, if it is picked at a point of greater maturation, the nuances will be much more fruity and sweet.

Merlot, from the same family as Cabernet

Also of French origin, its name comes from the Occitan word merlot, diminutive of blackbird, either because the colors of the plumage and that of the berry are very similar or because this little bird had a true predilection for this type of grape.

The monovarietal elaboration with Merlot gives smooth, velvety and aromatic wines of an intense ruby ​​color with violet tones. It also admits many gastronomic combinations, which makes it a good ally for our tables when it comes to tasting different types of dishes.

And these are the white varieties

Sauvignon Blanc, of French origin

This variety of white grape is originally from the south of France as can be guessed from its name, more specifically from Bordeaux.

Sauvignon Blanc is a less adaptable and versatile grape than other white varieties. This leads it to produce wines with a very marked personality depending on the terroir in which it grows. Therefore, depending on the climate and the terroir in which it is developed, it will give each wine a different personality but in any case, it produces very elegant and balanced dry white wines, with herbaceous aromas.

Chardonay, the most glamorous variety

Originally from French Burgundy, it is the most cultivated variety in the world, probably due to how well it adapts to any terrain and climate.

It is a very glamorous variety, it is present in some of the most expensive sparkling wines in the world and it is part of the coupage of champagne.

It is found in our white wine Esenzia and rosé Delizia, unique and exclusive wines that I encourage you to discover to accompany your most special moments.

White Grenache, grape of Aragonese origin

Native to Aragon, and as always happens with its own, it is a little-known variety outside of its original cultivation areas.

Many years ago it was not used to make great wines. It was simply relegated to being a rectifier variety or to making sweet wines. Fortunately, this has been changing and with the extraordinary characteristics of the white Grenache today very good quality wines with floral, fruity, herbaceous notes and a wonderful golden color are obtained.

Now let yourself be carried away by all that range of sensations…

I hope you have enjoyed discovering some curiosities of the varieties that I use the most in my wines, so that you can get to know them a little more closely.

In any case, I am one of those who think that giving tasting sheets on a wine is like telling a movie to someone who is going to see it, it is unnecessarily conditioning. Because wine is art, a precious work of art that can be appreciated with all five senses.

And I hope that, when you have the pleasure of having a glass of one of my wines in your hands, you let yourself be captivated by that whole world of sensations that I try to convey with each one of them.

That glass between your fingers, the sound of the wine falling into it, the surprise of its brightness and color, the captivating aromas, the pleasure of a sip. If you think about it, it’s like a game. A game in which the protagonist is you and each wine gives you the option to play over and over again depending on the moment, the place and the company. But that, I leave it to you to discover it…

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