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Where to find Conzieto wines

Throughout these months some of our subscribers have been asking me in a particular way where they could find Conzieto wines, in addition to our online store.

So I have considered it interesting to write this article to tell you where you can find them, in case at some point you had also considered it.

At the moment, since it is a relatively new project, we are only in Aragón, so if you are from here you will have it very easy. And if not, you can always take note in case you plan to come here on vacation.

Here you can order a Conzieto wine

Trasiego Restaurant (Barbastro)

This beautiful restaurant is located in a most unique space, an old hospital built in 1900 with a renovated interior design that invites you to taste its dishes in an exquisite way with Somontano wines.

More information at: THE TRANSFER


The Vero Winery (Barbastro)

It is the restaurant of the Casa Rural Carmen de Arnas, located in a most intoxicating 300-year-old basement. You can enjoy their wonderful homemade stews, local and imported products by candlelight and with music.

More information at: THE VERO WINERY

The Nine Restaurant (Barbastro)

In this stylish restaurant you will be able to delight yourself with the most elaborate dishes and very careful aesthetics accompanied by some of our Conzieto wines. And I advise you not to forget to try their delicious desserts!

Here you can learn more: THE NINE

Hotel San Ramon (Barbastro)

In the restaurant of this splendid hotel you can find wonderful quality dishes to accompany with the best wines of the D.O. Somontano, like those of Conzieto, enjoying beautiful views of the center of Barbastro.

Further information at: HOTEL SAN RAMÓN

Bar La Esquineta Monzón Street (Barbastro)

The most welcoming seafood restaurant to try a wide variety of dishes with seafood and fresh fish of the highest quality and freshness. Don’t forget to accompany them with our Conzieto wines to enjoy a complete culinary experience!

To know more: THE CORNER

Places to buy Conzieto wines

In addition to the possibility of tasting our wines in the aforementioned restaurants, you can also buy them in the places that I expose below.

Murillo Wines (Barbastro)

Winery and store with a wide variety of wines, beers and spirits where you can find our Conzieto wines.


Food Ortas (Huesca)

Gourmet shop with local and seasonal products of authentic quality. In it you can find true delicatessen and of course, get hold of some of our Conzieto wines.

For more details: ORTAS FOOD

The English Court (Zaragoza)

If you live in Zaragoza you can also find Conzieto wines in the supermarkets of the following buildings of the Corte Inglés:

El Corte Ingles C/ Bologna 30, 5008 English Court Building

C/ San Miguel, 5001 English Court

C/Ibón de Plan 74, 50011

And there is always the Online Store

I hope I have helped you so that you have it a little easier when it comes to finding our wines. And in any case, if you are not from around here you can always try them through our online store: CONZIETO ONLINE STORE


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